Hi, my name is Mika Denissot,

I don’t like to define myself because “to define” means limitation but by convention, I will make an exception. If you don’t have time to read it entirely, here is the short version:

I’m an artist, explorer of the unconscious mind, awakener of the conscious mind, speaker, holistic coach, trainer and founder of Soul in a Mind, CREA100, ICOpro and Adventure and Spirit.

My extended biography:

My real life (the beginning of my search for meaning) began at age 13. I was a slave to a man for 18 months: sexual abuse, psychological manipulation, drug use, injunctions to perform a whole series of actions to fill his dark and machiavellian psychological and physical fantasies.

I realised then, how much my body and life didn’t belong to me, as it had been stolen from me. At the same time, I was able to experience the ultimate detachment of my body and mind.

The mental repetition of songs allowed me to transcend the repeated abuses onto my physical body. At the time, I didn’t know it, but my aggressor, Jobby, taught me what all spiritual masters attempt to teach their student: detachment, dying to self during this life before our earthly death.

I lived this experience for 18 months, alone and in silence. The demons of the drug attracted me for several years but LSD, Heroin and Cocaine didn’t defeat me. It wasn’t the same for all the people I knew during these 3 years of life.

With the help of my uncle Jacob and aunt Patricia, I came back to reason and life, in 18 months too. Time cycles don’t mislead …

From then on, I had only one obsession: to find my freedom and to discover myself, to understand all types of death and to free myself from it during my lifetime.

Since then, I have devoted myself to my quest: to release my soul and spirit from all forms of conditioning and to inspire, instruct and help others to realise the life they must live, in the sharing of love.

My path was very chaotic and passionate, until I was 33 years old.

Several meetings and experiences marked my career:

Study and teaching of the Jewish tradition and initiation to Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism) in Toulouse in boarding with Rabbi Toledano from 15 to 17 years. Until today, the science of Kabbalah is part of my life path. This science and the tarot guided me to the East, to Bali where I currently live.
For more than 25 years until today, thorough study of tarot science not as a divinatory science but as a principle of psychological, spiritual, symbolic and initiatory journey of mankind.
More than 3 years studying Transpersonal and Jungian psychology, and the techniques of the guided imagery at the Private Institute of Human Sciences in Nantes (IPHT) with two beings who marked forever my way of life: Aruna and Jean Pierre Le Gouguec.
Several years of study of Yogic teachings from Shivananda in India at the Trivanantapuram Ashram.
1 year in training with Elisabeth Kubbler Ross, accompanying the dying persons in Nantes (JALMAV)
Meeting of Tibetan monks and study of meditation techniques of ancient Buddhism as well as Tibetan practices of dying accompaniment and study of the teachings of Dilgo Kyentse Rinpoche’s tradition in Daramsala, India.
Meeting and study of meditative practice with Thai Buddhist monks from the Ajahn Chah tradition.
Training in leadership, analytic psychology and coaching with Anthony Robbins.
– Ultimate relationship
– The time of your life
– The lasting change
– Mastering influence
– Business Mastery
– Certified coach of Robbins-Madanes as strategic intervention coach
Training in leadership with Robin Sharma: lead without title.
Training in personal growth, marketing and productivity with Brendon Burchard:
– Expert Academy
– High Performance Academy

I experienced 3 Imminent Death Experiences (IDE) which, like sounds of repetitive bells, remind me of my life path and put me back on track. Each one of them allowed me to meet calm, peace, infinite love and to live an out of body experience following by the letting go. These 3 IDE also allowed me to experience my imminent letting go of Physical Death.

– The 1st one in 1989, following a rapid fall in blood pressure

– The second one in 2003, when I got stuck at the bottom of the sea because of powerful waves during a surf session. Unable to rise to the surface again, my last thought was: « It’s a beautiful day, to die! »

– The 3rd one in 2009, during the opening exploration of a canyon in Bali, stuck in a water rappelling. My last thought was the repetition of the mantra Om mani padme Hum (Compassion mantra)

Several professional creations that marked my career:

1994: IDEPSY (Institute to study Psychology and Yoga), just after the training at the IPHT. My lack of knowledge in management, and my lack of experience overcame my convictions and my willingness.
I successively created several independent companies of floor covering, video games, Asiatic furniture. They allowed me to survive with my family but didn’t fill my soul. Something was missing.
Departure to Indonesia and trainings that transformed my professional dynamic. I moved up a rung in leadership and company management. I created a company that exported local products then I came back to training through adventure and water sport that followed me all my life (kitesurfing, canyoning, rock climbing, scuba diving, free diving…)
In 2009, I set up a teaching method for trainers in extreme sports and especially canyoning, including a unique method in this environment, existential psychology, mental images and breathing, in order to raise the students to another level of themselves. I developed it within the international canyoning organization (ICOpro) of which I am the founder. It is used today by all ICOpro trainers around the world. ICOpro is 23 levels of trainings for trainers, more than 15,000 members in 95 countries, every day progressing. An international success!
In parallel, in 2010, I created the organisation’s head quarter, Adventure and Spirit situated in Bali, which teaches canyoning to the tourists. The business is running without me.
Since 2007, the call of the soul is still felt, convinced that life is an uninterrupted flow of transitions, and convinced that the learning capacity of mankind is unlimited, I decide to devote my life to help everyone to free themselves from all conditioning, to become, in full consciousness, actor of his life.
In 2015, I decided to create Soul in a Mind, a school where we learn what we should have been taught in our schools: psychology and existential philosophy, individual growth and spiritual emergence. This school is focused on the release of conditionings and self-control. His main academy is called Self-Mastery.
In 2017, the project of CREA100, school of holistic coaches takes shape and will see the day in 2018.

The charity work, donations and sharing that nourished my soul and allowed me to understand that we were all part of a whole:

Since 1994, accompanying several people at the end of their life until today on a voluntary basis and on request only.
Since 1994, dream analysis study as voluntary work and on-request only.
Founder of the Indo Action Association during the tsunami in 2004. 1 year in Meulaboh (Indonesia), helping locals without resources and not receiving government assistance. I am then supported by several friends and French associations.
In 2006, independent aid (through my companies) to provide for the vital needs of the victims of the Yogyakarta earthquake.
Since September 2017, creation of Bali Mount Agung Evacuated (through my company and external financial help) to bring vital supplies to evacuees of Mount Agung.
August 2018 – December 2018 : Following the violent earthquake on the island of Lombok, actions on the ground to rebuild 1 village and 2 schools + priority aid
May 2020: Weekly provision of food to poor families following the violent economic crisis in Bali due to the criminal management of the “pandemic”
Since March 2021, active member of « The Great Project »: Better than before without money. https://www.mocica.org

My life wasn’t a long calm river but I chose to give you the main lines.My path was very chaotic and passionate, until I was 33 years old. Just like you, I tried, I succeeded, I missed, I fell, I got up. Each of my experiences brought me all that I needed today to realise what I was made for: raise awareness, inspire souls to become and learn the power of inner freedom.

I am proud to have experienced slavery, repetitive rape, mental manipulation, falling into the maze of drugs, deviant sexuality, repeated financial defeats, homelessness with no money and I have survived and still ended up with a healthy body and mind!! Because all of these experiences taught me what Ajahn Chah teaches with benevolence and simplicity: everything appears, everything disappears, nothing is certain, nothing is sure, everything is impermanent.

My message: We don’t know where we come from, who we are, what we are doing here and where we are going. But we have this incredible and infinite opportunity to explore, to evolve together, the power to change our lives every moment and to share love.

And it’s all this inner strength, all this energy that surpasses me every day, with all my simplicity and authenticity that I teach Soul in a Mind with the coaches who support me.

See you later in life.

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